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Through an exclusive online learning community curated for Black Women.

Our Mission

 assist high achieving Black women in prioritizing wellness for their flourishing and that of your community. 

Courses To Help You Grow

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What get’s under your skin and causes you to respond in ways that you typically would not? Do you feel limited in your ability to regulate and cope with strong emotions? Do you attempt to eliminate big emotions? You are not alone.

We can’t eliminate the big emotions but we sure can learn how to live in more harmony with them.  Unfortunately ignoring or having big responses to our emotions can actually cause lots of damage to our physical body. Black Women unfortunately are disproportionately  impacted by disease. Let’s do something about that. It starts with learning to manage your emotions and decreasing stress. 


What emotions typically
overwhelm you?

Is a psycho-educational course specifically developed to meet the needs of high achieving Black women. Got stress? This course helps participants to recognize emotional patterns, stressors, and mindsets that hinder flourishing while also helping to develop  personalized wellness plans  that optimize success. Participants are walked through a series of four modules that contain detailed and practical tools to help to destress, rest and refresh! ROOTED is an acronym that was developed after nearly two decades of research and clinical work done with women of color. 

Living Rooted


Is a course that assists participants in  living life to the fullest by enhancing overall wellness, bringing greater alignment and intentionality  between one's stated values and the way they live out their day to day  life with  joy.  It is common to think about wellness in terms of physical and mental health. However this course invites you to consider the ten interconnected dimensions: physical, emotional, creative, environmental, financial, occupational, intellectual, social, spiritual and communal; and how they impact your functioning. The goal is to assist participants in living a life of authenticity with enthusiasm. In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. As well as learn to identify common misconceptions. You will ultimately be prepared to successfully incorporate specific wellness activities into your life. You will explore each domain, assess your level of integration and determine your priorities. 

Living Connected


​Inside this course you will learn better strategies to care for your-self and those you care for. 

  • The tendency is to use self-care as a Band-Aid and put it on top of our stress and think it should get us through until you have time to come up for air.

  • We often  try to push aside our larger issues impacting our mental health and overall well-being, by hoping a 30-minute manicure or fancy new ——-(insert guilty pleasure) will give you a recharge. Well it typically does, but is short lived and can lead us chasing that hit! ( can you say addiction to any one)! This course will teach you the neurobiology of self-care and encourage you to consider community care. You will learn how to determine what truly helps you to fix what's underneath it all. 

  • Selfcare is an inside and outside job, yet we tend to focus on the external components.

Living Well:

Radical Selfcare & community care

This course is shaped around promoting growth in the participants' inner life of faith and communion with God and others. It focuses specifically on ways to deepen one's knowledge and openness to God and His work as well as understanding of one's self and others in order to grow in character and inner life towards the image of Christ. In turn, it trains leaders in developing soul care practices to assist in the spiritual journey of others.In this course, we pursue what it means to be self-aware. We believe that understanding of self,  can allow you to move outward in your display of love and compassion to others. 

Living Fruitful:


*Disclaimer: This course is not meant as a substitute for seeking help from a licensed medical or mental health professional. This course is not a substitute for psychotherapy. The information available through this course may act as a supplement to, and NOT a substitute for, the knowledge, skill, and judgment of a licensed professional. The information in this course assembles the evidence compiled from the scientific literature and best practices. Mental health conditions are complex, people differ widely in their conditions and responses, and interactions with other conditions and treatments are best evaluated by a physical examination and consultation with a qualified clinician. Information accessed through this course is neither complete nor exhaustive and does not cover all disabilities, diseases, illnesses and physical conditions or their management or treatment. To find a therapist or qualified professional in your area visit online directories such as Psychology Today, Therapy for Black Girls and/or request a referral from your PCP. In the event of a mental health emergency call 911 or go directly to your local hospital's emergency department.

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