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Living Rooted

Wellness Retreat

A mental reset for the mind, body, and spirit.

The truth is you need to get rooted if you are having these experiences:

It’s rare to relax or to enjoy things that are fun.

I can’t remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep.

I give in to others because it makes me feel needed, important, or worthy.

Forgetting or misplacing things.

Constantly questioning my decisions an feeling disconnected.

When feeling overwhelmed, tired, or stressed, I rarely think to ask for help.

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for high achieving and high performing Black women who have decided that they would like accountability and support in living their best life, by focusing on their wellness, specifically learning tools that will assist in
de-stressing, refreshing, and resetting. 

A Safe Space

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The Living Rooted experience is  meant to be done in community, not in isolation. 

The scientific literature highlights that being connected in healthy relationships increases a persons capacity for satisfaction, happiness, wellbeing and overall quality of life. So, get your closest friend, near or far, and let’s get ROOTED. We are much stronger together!

Hear from our ladies!

 Her strategies for self-care, mindfulness, and fully showing up as your authentic self to the workplace were game changers. I created a wellness plan that I employ every day. -  Dr. Shannon Stanton Agbotse

Let's Dive Deeper

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Identify the hidden and visible ways in which stressors impact your wellbeing.  

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Learn and practice specific tools that you can immediately implement to manage day to day stressful situations while strengthening your wellbeing.

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Develop a personalized wellness plan and identify strategies to keep you motivated while implementing your wellness plan.

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Be connected to a community that values and supports you living your best life.

As a Clinical Community Psychologist

she has a strong commitment to ensuring the health and wellness of historically underserved communities. Dr. Armstrong understands that helping Black women to transform their personal relationship to their wellbeing positively benefits not only the individual, but it improves the broader community. 

Make the investment into your wellness journey for you and those you love!


Light Breakfast, Catered Lunch& Snacks

Customized Living Rooted Journal

1 group follow up (motivation) video call

Invitation to Join exclusive Online ROOTED community

Over 6 hours of wellness experiences and content

Prioritizing Wellness

is an act of social justice
and spiritual warfare.

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