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Connecting Women, Across Generations

The truth is you need to get rooted if you are having these experiences:

It’s rare to relax or to enjoy things that are fun.

I can’t remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep.

I give in to others because it makes me feel needed, important, or worthy.

Forgetting or misplacing things.

Constantly questioning my decisions an feeling disconnected.

When feeling overwhelmed, tired, or stressed, I rarely think to ask for help.

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for high achieving and high performing Black women who have decided that they would like accountability and support in living their best life, by focusing on their wellness, specifically learning tools that will assist in
de-stressing, refreshing, and resetting. 

A Safe Space

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The Living Rooted experience is  meant to be done in community, not in isolation. 

The scientific literature highlights that being connected in healthy relationships increases a persons capacity for satisfaction, happiness, wellbeing and overall quality of life. So, get your closest friend, near or far, and let’s get ROOTED. We are much stronger together!

Hear from our ladies!

 Her strategies for self-care, mindfulness, and fully showing up as your authentic self to the workplace were game changers. I created a wellness plan that I employ every day. -  Dr. Shannon Stanton Agbotse

Let's Dive Deeper

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Identify the hidden and visible ways in which stressors impact your wellbeing.  

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Learn and practice specific tools that you can immediately implement to manage day to day stressful situations while strengthening your wellbeing.

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Develop a personalized wellness plan and identify strategies to keep you motivated while implementing your wellness plan.

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Be connected to a community that values and supports you living your best life.

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we are dedicated to empowering black women in every phase of life, whether they are mothers, professionals, entrepreneurs, or students. We understand that high-achieving and high-performing black women often face unique challenges and pressures, and we are here to provide them with the accountability and support they need to live their best lives. 



As a Clinical Community Psychologist

Dr. Tina has a strong commitment to ensuring the health and wellness of historically underserved communities. She understands that helping Black women to transform their personal relationship to their wellbeing positively benefits not only the individual, but it improves the broader community. 

Make the investment into your wellness journey for you and those you love!


Light Breakfast, Catered Lunch& Snacks

Customized Living Rooted Journal

1 group follow up (motivation) video call

Invitation to Join exclusive Online ROOTED community

Over 6 hours of wellness experiences and content


FrequentlyAsked Questions

  • Where is your office located?
    We are currently an entirely virtual office, so our location is wherever you have access to the Internet within the state of California .
  • Do you provide online/virtual therapy or telehealth?
    Yes, Telehealth/Virtual Therapy is available for anyone located in the state of California. Telehealth/Virtual Therapy takes place via a HIPAA-compliant, secure video platform, Simple Practice, or a HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom. Not all insurance plans will reimburse for Virtual Therapy. You will need to verify your benefits if you plan to submit superbills. All therapy services are offered via telehealth/virtual sessions only.
  • If I am not in the state of California can I meet via telehealth/virtually for therapy?
    At this time providers are licensed in California and cannot provide services across state lines.
  • Can I participate in virtual workshops and courses even if I do not reside in the state of California?
    Yes, all individuals are welcome to participate in the psychoeducational workshops and courses regardless of where you live.
  • What are your hours?
    Our regular business hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00pm, Monday - Thursday.
  • Is your office open on the weekends?
    No,we do not work on the weekends and most federal holidays to ensure healthy work-life wellness. Our office generally operates Monday through Thursday from 9am-5pm. If you reach out outside of these hours, we will respond to you the next business day. However, if you are a current client and you need to reschedule your appointment the best way to contact your therapist is via text.
  • What is the benefit of therapy?
    We believe that by engaging in our services you are investing in your well-being, mental health, and enhancing your overall quality of life. The results of therapy are transformative and can have positive life long lasting results. Therapy is a unique experience that is grounded in a relationship with a professional who has scientific and clinical expertise in supporting you. As well as professional and life experiences that has come from years of training to be equipped to meet your specific needs.
  • What is my financial investment in therapy?
    Rates range from $245-$300 for intake appointments and $200- $245 for individual sessions.
  • Do you offer a sliding fee scale?
    A few reduced rate slots are provided. We consider reduced rates on a case-by-case basis. Currently no reduced rate slots are available.
  • How and when is payments collected?
    Payment is collected the day of services via credit card, which must be placed on file prior to receiving services. NO checks or cash will be accepted.
  • What types of insurance plans are accepted?
    Currently we are not in-network with any insurance company, so we do not accept insurance in the way you normally use it. As an out-of-network provider, we can help our clients take advantage of their out-of-network benefits. We are happy to provide you with the necessary documentation, a “Superbill,” that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement for services. We cannot however guarantee that you will receive reimbursement. That is solely at the discretion of your insurance company. As a completely out of network practice, we are transparent with our fees so that you are aware of and can plan for the cost of services. The Federal No Surprises Act went into effect on January 1, 2022 to protect patients from surprise medical bills. As a result, all licensed health providers who offer out of network services are required to post a notice of “your rights and protections against surprise medical bills” on our websites or in our physical offices. Again, the nature of mental health services are different and we do not engage in surprise billing. Further, in accordance with the Act, we will gladly provide a Good Faith Estimate of the costs of services prior to a first session and in the course of treatment.
  • How do I find out if I have out-of-network coverage?
    Call your insurance provider and ask about your eligibility and out-of-network benefits for Behavioral Health. Be sure to check if telehealth services are covered as part of your benefits and what the reimbursement process entails. You are financially responsible for services regardless of your coverage.
  • Why doesn’t Living Connected MBS accept insurance?
    This is a complex question with multiple layers, but the simplest response is that insurance companies can restrict the types of therapeutic work we deem as valuable and pivotal to the healing journey and this is inconsistent with our values. We are committed to providing strength based approach to wellness as opposed to following solely a medical model built on deficit based approaches that focus primarily on problems and pathology. We believe in doing the work that moves clients further on their healing journey without having to worry about constraints imposed by insurance companies.
  • Can I use my HAS/FSA benefits?
    Absolutely. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Federal Savings Accounts (FSA) are excellent ways to cover your services. Please be sure to verify with your HSA/FSA provider that virtual/telehealth therapy services are covered and what documentation is required. Please be advised that a diagnosis meeting “medical necessity” may be required for you to receive reimbursement. Based on your presenting concerns we cannot guarantee that your diagnosis will be eligible thus impacting your ability to be reimbursed. Consider discussing this with your HAS/FSA provider.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Any cancellations or changes to an appointment should be made with at least 24 hours notice, to allow for the time to be used by another client in need. You may notify your therapist of your cancellation by voicemail or text. No-shows, changes, and late cancels will be charged the full session rate, with fees due prior to the next scheduled appointment. Note that this fee is not covered by insurance. Clients may be given one free late cancel per calendar year, at the sole discretion of Dr. Armstrong.
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